2010s, 3.5/4, Mission Impossible, Review

Mission: Impossible Fallout

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This movie’s only real flaw is that it over-relies on the previous movie, Rogue Nation, for some plot and character beats. The rest? An absolute blast at the movies.

The action is top notch. The acting is more than serviceable. The plot is twisty-turny, treats its audience intelligently, and fun. What more could you want from a blockbuster?

The perennially youthful Tom Cruise has found the perfect role in Ethan Hunt. It requires little more from him than running and looking serious. The rest of the IMF team (Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames) have charisma and a sense of humor that is able to buoy the movie and keep it from getting too serious. Henry Cavill is a great addition as the CIA man who’s there to mainly use brute force to get through situations. He’s got the perfect frame and straight delivery needed for the role.

The plot jets around the world, hitting major globe-trotting destinations and filling them with really well executed action sequences. Chases evolve from utilizing trucks to motorcycles, zipping through traffic in Paris. They go on foot from underground to rooftops to an elevator. They’re constantly moving, never settling with a single gimmick, but throwing more and more at the screen. The stuff filmed in IMAX, like the helicopter chase at the end, looks absolutely amazing.

Production design is fantastic as well, especially at the large party in Paris. That mirrored hallway is just such a fun image.

Everything about this movie is just the right kind of adult flavored action movie fun. It’s not filled with quippy dialogue through entire action sequences. There’s actually surprising little talking in the chases. When you’re filling something tension filled with jokes, you’re breaking the tension with each joke which prevents the sequence from really building properly. The chase through Paris, in particular, mounts with tension until its denouement and it’s completely engrossing, in part, because it allows the action scene to be an action scene instead of a bit of comedic banter with action happening in between.

The movie’s’ not a great intellectual exercise, but it exists proudly in a long tradition of thrilling entertainment that has graced the silver screen for a century. So very highly recommended.

Netflix Rating: 5/5

Quality Rating: 3.5/4

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