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Writing Update – 9/29/19

Finished the transcription of the 3rd draft for Colonial Nightmare. I could have finished it Thursday, but I grew weary of it. And then I proceeded to do nothing with it Friday or Saturday.

Watching the A’s toss away the final, meaningless, game of the regular season allowed me the chance to finish, though.

Now, I start the second draft of the screenplay. Tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Writing Update – 9/29/19”

  1. The hardest thing with any creative work is to let it rest. You feel you should be doing *something* just to keep things going, but every idea makes your lips pickle.

    So you do nothing, and it gnaws at you that you’re doing nothing, and you try one or two things…and don’t like either of them. (Don’t ever do this with oil on canvas, by the way; there’s no “Undo” button.)

    The best thing is to recognize that the ideas will come (the right ones) and things will start up again. In the meantime, do something else.

    I have a slight advantage in what I do, versus historical fiction: I can occupy myself with endless creature design and refinement. Probably hard to do in your case…

    …but if you NEED any creature designs for your fiction, let me know….:)


    1. I’ll have to take you up on that offer one day.

      I have a set process that I tinker with slightly from project to project but has largely remained the same for several years. I focus on one draft at a time, work on it until it’s done, and then I move on to another project. It helps clear my head of the morass that weighed me down from the one project while letting me get my creative juices flowing again on something else unrelated.

      I also despise rewriting in general, so that doesn’t help. It’s generally a tedious job of nitpicking. I think I can see flaws in my own work pretty well. For example, Crystal Embers’ draft before I published it was a giant mess, but I sat down, figured out how to address my issues with it, and blazed through it. I just wasn’t feeling the process with George Washington, for some reason.

      I have a strong suspicion that it’ll be easier with the second draft of my screenplay. It helps that it’s a significantly shorter work as well.


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