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Movie News – Week of 9/30

I’ve been bandying this idea around a bit recently, but I’ve never gotten around to actually doing it.

This isn’t meant as a comprehensive list of movie news happening right now, just what interests me. The bits of news and promo material that caught my eye over the last few days. I’ll try to keep it regular.

First, reviews have come out for The Irishman, Martin Scorsese’s new movie produced by Netflix. It’s Scorsese, so of course I’m excited, but the reviews have been ecstatic. The one less than stellar review dinged the film for…not being Goodfellas, essentially.


I read that as, “It’s not as good as Scorsese’s classic films because it’s a different type of movie.”

Second is the new trailer for The King’s Man. I’ve always liked the two Kingsman movies. They’re not great cinema, but they are eager to entertain and attack that objective with gusto and verve. I find them engaging and fun times at the movies. I also really like period settings for crazy action movies, so setting this prequel in the middle of World War I is right up my alley.

And finally, Terrence Malick is continuing his rapid pace of filmmaking. He’s filming a movie about Jesus titled The Last Planet, apparently. He just hired Aidan Turner (Fili…or Kili…whichever from The Hobbit) who will play Andrew. Mark Rylance (the giant in Spielberg’s The BFG, the ship captain in Dunkirk) will apparently play four different versions of Satan.

Weird, but…it’s Malick. So, I’m on board.

2 thoughts on “Movie News – Week of 9/30”

  1. I’d be very interested in your take on current movie news. I try to keep up, but it has become increasingly obvious that movie-makers have no interest in making something that appeals to me. (The last movie I really thought was awesome was “A Ghost Story,” clearly not made for the current movie audience market.)

    As you are one of the few critics whose views I respect, it would be an interesting series.


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