Movie News

Movie News – Week of 10/7

News that caught my eye:

Real-Life ‘Terminator’: Major Studios Face Sweeping Loss of Iconic ’80s Film Franchise Rights

One of my bugaboos is the modern copyright regime. The current law allows copyright to extend through the entire life of the author plus another 70 years. Did you know that Rudyard Kipling still has works under copyright?

So, any news that changes copyright in a certain direction is something to applaud. This doesn’t address the core insanity of Life+70, but it does potentially mean that copyright will belong more to individual people instead of corporations. Maybe. If the court cases go the right way. Fingers crossed.

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Won’t Feel Like A Studio-Made Film, According To Stellan Skarsgard

It’s not actual news, but Dune is one of the only big budget movies in the near future that I’m excited about. So, yeah. Until we get literally any promo material, I’m gonna have to hang onto nothing stuff like this.

Busan: Park Chan-wook to Remake Costa Gavras’ Dark Comedy ‘The Ax’

Park Chan-wook is such a good filmmaker that any news of him making a new movie is good news. Oldboy was one of the first Asian films outside of Kurosawa I ever saw and did a lot in opening my eyes to Asian cinema. Working on something that Costa Gavras made as well? That’s just cake. I’m looking forward to this.

Trailers that caught my eye:

Richard Jewell (Should have kept The Ballad of Richard Jewell as the title if you ask me) from Clint Eastwood:

1917 from Sam Mendes. Apparently, it’s all one shot, and it looks like a journey through every facet of trench warfare at the time. I sense a similarity to Dunkirk there.

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