Movie News

Movie News – Week of 10/28

News that caught my eye:

First ‘Doctor Sleep’ Reactions Tease Heartfelt Horror & a Worthy ‘The Shining’ Sequel

First reactions tend to be overly positive when compared to actual reviews, but this is a nice sign. I’ve been looking forward to Doctor Sleep since it was announced. I’ve never read a Stephen King novel, but this looked good and the trailer’s quality. Fingers crossed that it’s actually good.

Taylor Kitsch to Star in Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Inferno’

Neill Blomkamp is a director I really want to like, though after District 9, I think he’s fallen on his face with every other film. Still, he’s got a distinctive enough visual style, and some potential. I’d like to see him keep working and maybe make something good again.

Rebecca Ferguson Teases Her ‘Dune’ Character: ‘She’s the Best Fighter There Is’

Like all Dune news, this is nonsense, but it’s all I’ve got.

I want a teaser poster!

Robert Pattinson Wants His Batman To Be ‘Frightening’

Here’s another big budget movie I think I might be excited about purely because of its director. Matt Reeves made the last two Planet of the Apes films into complicated morality tales that used metaphor really effectively while also delivering great genre action. I think he could do interesting things with Batman.

Trailers that caught my eye:

Antlers looks like an interesting and spooky horror film. I might check it out.

Oh, and there was that Star Wars trailer. It looks like an expensive movie, for sure:

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