Writing Update – 11/6/19

Well, that certainly took forever.

I was just not into this second draft of this screenplay. I guess I just didn’t think it was turning out as good as I wanted, the format is still so unfamiliar, and I’ve been distracted with certain things. But, it’s done nonetheless.

It’s much shorter than I realized, highlighting the difference in how much goes on a formatted hand written page versus how much goes on a formatted typed page. It’s only 72 pages long, which is okay for a very short feature but highlights the fact that I have room for more. If I were to continue with this, it would be around beefing up characters more than anything else.

Anyway, I’m happy to leave it behind for now. Now, I start pre-writing for a new book.

In my head, I’ve been calling it “Adventure Novel” for a couple of years. I’ve had a generalized structure in my head for that length of time, but I’ve never really considered specifics. I started doing that about a week ago, and I’ve already begun to fill out some textual stuff that I think will give the book a more interesting feel than my generalized ideas had implied.

Anyway, pre-writing is first. So, a pitch, short outline, and character profiles should fill the next week or so. It’ll be nice to get back into pure creative mode again. It feels like it’s been forever. The last first draft I did was the Lunar Wars Stories, which never provided me the same kind of satisfaction creatively as almost anything else I’ve done. It’s not really commissioned work, but I suppose it’s indicative of the difference between commissioned work and that done purely for oneself.

2 thoughts on “Writing Update – 11/6/19”

  1. How to make the script longer: have every character show up at the end for the big battle.
    Just kidding. What you really need to add is a montage set to a popular song!
    Coincidentally, I finally finished my animation project, on its way to YouTube now.


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