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Movie News – Week of 12/16

News that caught my eye:

Oscar Isaac Says Denis Villeneuve’s Vision for ‘Dune’ Is ‘Nightmarish’ and ‘Brutalist’

Dune news! We have Dune news!

Well, not really. As pointless as Rebecca Ferguson’s comments of strong women characters, this tells us little. Though, I like the idea of a massive scifi event film feeling brutalist and nightmarish. What that means specifically we may get an inkling of with a trailer. Hey, maybe we should get a trailer at some point.

That Quentin Tarantino ‘Star Trek’ Movie Might Not Happen After All

I’m okay with this. Tarantino finishing his career with a small movie, untied to any franchise, feels like the right postscript. I hope he doesn’t retire after movie ten, but if he does, I’d rather it not be with a Star Trek movie.

‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Amadeus,’ ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ ‘Clerks’ Enter National Film Registry

Amadeus attaining an important post in the National Film Registry. Well deserved.

The others? Erm…

Guess How Many Words Women Have In The New Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

I hate modern film criticism in this iteration. It’s just stupid and unconcerned with artistic merit. Granted, it’s the stupid Top Gun sequel’s trailer, but still. This if really dumb.

Trailers that caught my eye:

Looks creepy.

4 thoughts on “Movie News – Week of 12/16”

    1. It looks really good (though the Jodorowsky documentary makes me wish for more color in the designs), but it feels like a patchwork of scenes instead of a cohesive story. They captured the moments they wanted from the book, but they never built a story around those moments.

      I feel like it’s a great example of how not to adapt a book to film.


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