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A thought on The Rise of Skywalker’s new Force ability

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So, randomly looking around the Interwebs, I saw complaints from people that the new Force Heal ability demonstrated in The Rise of Skywalker broke the entirety of the franchise up to that point. “Force heal me, Obi-wan,” Qui-gon saws to his padawan. “I’ll just Force Heal you, dad,” Luke says to Vader.

However, I would disagree, though it takes a bit of supposition and the connecting of some dots that the movies themselves don’t do.

The Jedi of the prequels always felt small to me. I think the greatest example of that is the fight between Yoda and Dooku in Attack of the Clones. These are two masters of the Force and all they can do is throw boulders at each other before devolving to a lightsaber fight? I actually fault that with lack of imagination on George Lucas’ part, but accepting that as the reality of the universe in that era, what does it show us? It shows us that the Jedi and the new generation of the Sith knew little more of the Force than what Luke Skywalker picked up in his fractured training in the original trilogy. Combine that with Palpatine’s promise that the dark side knew more about the Force, that it could lead to abilities the Jedi would call unnatural, meaning that there’s a lot more to the Force than what we’ve seen. I assumed that it was an empty promise on Palpatine’s part, but what if it wasn’t?

Skip ahead to The Last Jedi and the ancient Jedi texts hidden on Ahch-To. The implication is that these texts have been hiding there for a very long time, since long before the fall of the Republic. This implication leads to an assumption that the knowledge hidden in those texts was not known to the Jedi of that era. The hidden mysteries of the Force that Palpatine talked about were at least partially there, including abilities that the Jedi didn’t know about. At the end of that film, Rey takes the texts and when we see her next in The Rise of Skywalker, she’s pouring over the ancient words in between trainings with Leia.

Later in the film, she is presented with an opportunity to test the knowledge she’s gained from the texts and heals the weird serpent monster in the tunnels beneath Burning Man in Space. Knowing it works, she uses it on Ben Solo later in the film. Shown what can be done, Ben then uses it again on Rey later, saving her life.

It’s a further indictment of the Jedi as they were in the prequel era. They weren’t interested in advancing their knowledge of the Force. They were interested in maintaining the political status quo more than anything else, so they became blinded to the Dark Side.

I think it’s relatively convincing as a thought, though it does rely on a good bit of supposition.

Anyway, just a thought.

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