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The Airport Franchise Ranked: The Definitive Ranking

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Okay, it’s a franchise that no one cares about, is only four movies long, and is mostly kind of stupid.

But, the listicle gods must be appeased with sacrifices. So, instead of goring the bull of James Bond, I shall be disemboweling the sickly chicken that is the Airport franchise.

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4. The Concorde…Airport ’79

“It’s full of stupid characters doing stupid things in order to keep the movie going. The world was probably done a service by this movie’s failure followed by the blessing of Airplane! the next year.”

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3. Airport ’77

Airport ’77 is a dreary experience of famous actors taking paychecks while nonsense plays out around them. Maybe it should have been played as a comedy.”

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2. Airport 1975

“It’s okay. It’s not bad. In this backwards adventure through a franchise I’d never seen before, I’m glad things are getting better instead of worse.”

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1. Airport

“It’s solid entertainment and a decent way to spend just over two hours.”


7 thoughts on “The Airport Franchise Ranked: The Definitive Ranking”

    1. It’s kind of hard to say. The first film isn’t really a disaster movie, but the second one is, release in 75.

      In between there was Poseidon, Earthquake, and Towering Inferno, and I think those are mostly attributed with the disaster craze.


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