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Dune News! Worm Sign!

Sure, I’m a day late I just kinda stopped doing the news bits, but I’m too excited by this to let it go.

Dune spread in Vanity Fair!

pThe House Atreides Left to Right Timothe Chalamet as Paul Atreides Stephen Mckinley Henderson as Thufir Hawat Oscar...

pDirector Denis Villeneuve and Javier Bardem on the setp


pOscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreidesp

6 thoughts on “Dune News! Worm Sign!”

  1. My vague memory of the first one is that it was kind of a mess and kind of boring, but the last 3 movies from Villeneuve have been so great I might give this a try. Assuming good reviews.


    1. Lynch’s Dune is a great example of how to do an adaptation wrong. It’s too concerned with capturing the individual moments without building an actual story to bridge those moments. It’s a series of events, not a narrative. It has no clear idea of what it’s about, instead just trying to fit everything into 2 hours.

      Since Villeneuve’s is going to probably (pure guess on my part) going to be about 2.5 hours long and only capture roughly the first half of the book, we’re essentially going to get a big budget miniseries from one of today’s better filmmakers.

      I really hope the marketing is on point and the movie does good business, cause I already want that second part. And a Dune Messiah movie. And a Children of Dune movie. And I want to see someone take the unholy mess of political speeches that is God Emperor of Dune and make it awesome and show us the weird human/worm hybrid of Leto II.

      It’s not too much to ask when we have a thousand Fast and Furious movies, is it?


      1. I didn’t know there was such a large Dune world. Given that, probably the studio would like to create one of these Avenger or F&F franchises, probably a very nice money stream when they can do that. They probably want to see if this first one catches on before committing to any further Dune movie. I bet, I hope, that Villeneuve is creative enough that he’d move on after doing this one and they’d bring in one of these up and coming directors that always seems to be popping up to direct any future films. I think I said before here in your comments that according to IMDB, Villeneuve is planning to do Cleopatra, but nothing certain about that until it starts filming.


      2. Yeah, Frank Herbert wrote six books, and his son has cowritten a bunch more after Frank’s death. The story spans thousands of years and deals with dynasties, a several thousand year old man/worm combination, space witches, and drugs (a lot of drugs).

        They’re dense and thematically thoughtful, if not always that engaging from a literary perspective.

        I know the studio is hoping for a Lord of the Rings type success, something that they can milk for longer than just a trilogy, though.

        I really wish them success.


  2. I don’t know why everyone says Dune is this massively complicated story that’s going to take nine films to tell properly. It really isn’t. There’s a well-known story already out there that basically tells the same story as Dune, and it’s been filmed several times already.

    It’s called Robin Hood.


    1. Heh.

      The core of Dune is Paul’s journey from boyhood to godhead. The bigness comes from all of the detail of the world and the conflicts that swirl around him as he makes his journey.

      People want to get everything into the movie that they love from the book, which is a lot, but you have to approach adaptations as adaptations, not filmed versions of the books as written.


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