Writing Update – 7/14/2020

So, it’s been a VERY long time since I updated anything about my writing, but it has continued.

It’s just been a lot slower than normal.

Since I started this new first draft, I’ve bought a new house and moved, raised a baby to the point of sitting up on his own, and had the whole corona nonsense topple my entire routine. So instead of writing an average of 4-5 pages a day, my average is down to about 1 a day, and that’s with fairly large gaps in any writing.

I’ve made progress on getting a routine back, though. The move is long since complete, and the baby is a bit less of a handful these days.

I got to page 250 of my estimated 450 page first draft, and I think I’m still targeting that number. At least I’m more than halfway, you know?

Part of the problem has been the second act, though. There’s a lot of repeat of action from the first act, though I’m writing the second act in a way that the action doesn’t actually repeat in the telling. There’s a lot of summarizing of events to move on to the actual drama of the second act, but that means that I have to keep events in alignment and that’s a task that I honestly didn’t prepare as well for as I wanted. I haven’t made any large changes from the outline, but I have made a lot of small changes and I know that there are a bunch of inconsistencies between the two acts. It’s frustrating and discouraging, but I’m through it.

I’m at the part where the two lines of actions combine so I don’t have to worry about that sort of small detail tracking, though I know I have to address everything in a second draft, but that’s what a second draft is for.

I’ve also reclaimed a goal which is 30 days from last Sunday to get it all done. That means that I need to write about seven pages a day between now and a month from now. It’s a lot, but I think I can manage it with some determination. I want this done. I haven’t spent this long on a first draft in years, and it’s discouraging. Just gotta get it done.

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