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Last Night in Soho – Trailer

I’ve watched this at least five times over the last few days. The Giallo vibes, the co-writer of 1917, the newest film by Edgar Wright…It’s all combined into a package that I cannot help but obsess over. I may be looking forward more to this than to Dune.

4 thoughts on “Last Night in Soho – Trailer”

    1. It’s a mood piece unto itself, a descent into a nightmare told in 2 minutes with no real dialogue.

      Trailers are just bits of marketing, but sometimes they become interesting in and of themselves. This is one of those times. Even if the movie ends up terrible, I’ll still love this trailer.


      1. I wonder if Edgar Wright made the trailer too. It’s a hell of a headfake. I hope it doesn’t turn people off of the film, I know some morons were enjoying the first half and then when the horror started, tuned out.


      2. That first use of the word “Downtown” in the song perfectly matches the neon titles showing Wright’s credit. It’s pretty much what he did in Baby Driver.

        I’d be shocked if he hadn’t a strong hand in editing the trailer.


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