David Lynch

You Know…

For having such a low opinion of David Lynch’s Dune, I sure did just spend over $50 for this:

I’m looking forward to August 31st.

5 thoughts on “You Know…”

  1. I’m mixed on the film. There is a lot of good to it. Costumes, set design, actors. The movie manages to incorporate quite a bit of the book.

    Downside. 2 hours and 14 minutes isn’t enough time to do justice to the book. Also not a fan of having a doctor inject stuff into the Baron’s skin giving him boils.


    1. For all my problems about the movie’s telling of its actual story, I find it still really watchable. I’ll never call it good, but damn, this is going to look fantastic in 4K. I couldn’t pass on that.


  2. I might be the biggest David Lynch Dune fan I know, and most of my friends are fans, but even I don’t own that. Wow.

    And yes, I do sincerely appreciate that version of Dune and feel it came closest to capturing the novel any adaptation has managed.


    1. Arrow just announced it for an August release. I went through DiabolikDVD for my order. It was a few dollars cheaper than Zavvi. I assume it’ll show up on regular retailers soonish, but the steelbook should be limited to the above two retailers. There will most likely be a more normal release a few months after August, just like they did for Flash Gordon.


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