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We Interrupt the Danish Film Festival for DUNE!

5 thoughts on “We Interrupt the Danish Film Festival for DUNE!”

  1. This is one of those movies I may not have been interested in from someone else, but the director is so good I probably will see it. After doing Sicario, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049 in 3 consecutive years – remarkable – I’ve come to think he is one of the most gifted directors working right now.

    His filmography at IMDB shows Cleopatra in the works, although at such an early stage, no guarantee it will be made. That’s been kicking around for years as an upcoming movie, but production never gets underway. Those period things are hard to do, but this could be great in the right hands.


  2. There’s good stuff in that trailer, but the ‘spin’ of the Fremen complaining about ‘cruelty’ is laughable. I read the books. The Fremen were murderers, xenophobic murderers and they’d kill their own kind almost as quick as any outsider.

    I guess we’ll see.

    Sicario was incredibly good. Blade Runner 2049 was not.


    1. I think it’s just playing up the ideas from the book about how the Harknonnens had mismanaged Arrakis through aggressive techniques to the point where, publicly, the Emperor was forced to remove them from power (of course he was actually in on the plans within plans). It’s part of the reason that the Fremen were untrustworthy of the Atreides at the beginning because they thought this new group of outworlders were the same as any of the previous, hence Leto sending Duncan to meet with them secretly.

      I have a feeling that the voiceover is from the movie’s introduction, which I’ve read is Chani speaking in Paul’s dream over images of Arrakis.


      1. In Dune, a generation back (in the book) when the Imperial Ecologist, Liet Kynes (who was a man, never forget…never forgive) saved the life of two Fremen boys who were being harassed by Harkkonens (he stabbed the Harkkonens from behind. Liet didn’t play). He returned the boys to their sietch, at which point a huge debate broke out in the clan.

        They were supposed to murder Kynes, despite him saving the boys, because he was an outsider and because he had seen the sietch.

        THAT is who the Fremen are. They are murder machines forged in the hardest anvil in the universe….that’s why they go on to conquer the known galaxy.


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