A Vacation, of sorts

It’ll be the tenth anniversary of my marriage to my wife, Olivia, on the 17th, and we’re going on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate. I’ll be completely without internet, but because I’m a maniac I’ve written enough reviews to tide me over until I get back, auto-publishing through the 10th.

And what better movies to break with than the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? It’s just too perfect of a fit to pass up.

So, comment away and tell me how I’m wrong. I’ll respond once I get internet again.

5 thoughts on “A Vacation, of sorts”

  1. Ahhhh. I was thinking, just the other day, that Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the major franchises you’re ‘missing’. Looking forward to it. Lots of good and bad and interesting parts to them.

    Thanks for not forgetting about us review-consumers! Have fun!

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