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The Hills Have Eyes: Part II

#24 in my ranking of Wes Craven's filmography. Well, it was in focus, at least. Made before A Nightmare on Elm Street, left uncompleted with only three-quarters of the film actually shot, and then hastily assembled with a heavy amount of footage from the first film right afterwards to try and capitalize on Wes Craven's… Continue reading The Hills Have Eyes: Part II

0/4, 2000s, Horror, Review, Uwe Boll


Of the four Uwe Boll films I've seen, I think that this might be the worst. It's stiff competition, for sure, but there's something extra inept, amateurish, misguided, and unappealing about BloodRayne. All of Boll's staples are here from inexplicably unnatural dialogue to incredibly dull performances to incomprehensible action scenes to flat cinematography, it's all… Continue reading BloodRayne