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Rollerball (2002)

#11 in my Ranking of John McTiernan films. I'm not sure I've ever seen a talented director faceplant as hard as John McTiernan does here. This goes beyond bad story choices, performances, and unfortunate effects. There's an amateurishness pervasive through this film that makes it feel like the first film of a film student given… Continue reading Rollerball (2002)

0/4, 2000s, Horror, Review, Uwe Boll


Of the four Uwe Boll films I've seen, I think that this might be the worst. It's stiff competition, for sure, but there's something extra inept, amateurish, misguided, and unappealing about BloodRayne. All of Boll's staples are here from inexplicably unnatural dialogue to incredibly dull performances to incomprehensible action scenes to flat cinematography, it's all… Continue reading BloodRayne