1.5/4, 1930s, Horror, Review, Stuart Walker, Universal Monsters

Werewolf of London

Without James Whale or a solid literary source, it seems like Carl Laemmle really didn't know how to put together a winning monster movie. Using bits and pieces from previous, more successful, efforts Laemmle had produced, he brought in a small host of writers and director Stuart Walker to develop a lot of werewolf lore… Continue reading Werewolf of London

1.5/4, 1910s, Action, Adventure, Fritz Lang, Review

The Spiders Episode 2: The Diamond Ship

#38 in my ranking of Fritz Lang's filmography. The first Spiders movie was a relatively small and focused adventure. The second is bigger and far less focused, moving from one to location to the next in an amorphous mystery that doesn't so much escalate with increasing stakes but just kind of lurches from one thing… Continue reading The Spiders Episode 2: The Diamond Ship