1/4, 1920s, Best Picture Winner, Harry Beaumont, Musical, Review

The Broadway Melody of 1929

This is evidence, I think, of my assertion that the early Best Picture awards were for expensive productions that made a lot of money at the box office, not awards for artistic merit. These were awards for producers (they still technically are), and producers were concerned with keeping down costs and maximizing ticket sales, and… Continue reading The Broadway Melody of 1929

1920s, 4/4, Best Picture Winner, Drama, FW Murnau, Review

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

It really is amazing to think of how far cinema receded with the introduction of sound. By 1928, filmmakers like Murnau, Hitchcock, Ford, von Stroheim, Lang, and Dreyer were doing really interesting things with their cameras in terms of moving them, swinging them around, really embracing montage as a storytelling device, and doing really complicated… Continue reading Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans