1940s, 2.5/4, Comedy, Jacques Tati, Review

Jour de Fete

Jacques Tati followed one of the normal paths towards feature film directing: through short films. He wrote, starred in, and eventually directed a handful of shorts, culminating in his directorial debut of "School for Postmen" with Tati playing a smalltown French postman named Francois who rapidly moves through his small town to deliver the mail… Continue reading Jour de Fete

1940s, 3.5/4, Drama, Jean-Pierre Melville, Review

Le Silence de la Mer

#8 in my ranking of Jean-Pierre Melville's filmography. Jean-Pierre Melville was born Jean-Pierre Grumbach and took the nom-de-guerre Melville during his time with the French Occupation against Nazi rule during World War II. With the war ended, he struck out to become a filmmaker, being rejected by the actual French studios, and went independent, adapting… Continue reading Le Silence de la Mer