Alfred Hitchcock, Repost

Hitchcock, The Early Years – A Retrospective

I've gone through all of Alfred Hitchcock's filmography, and I can easily say that the man made a lot of movies over a long period of time. From the mid 20s to the late 70s, he has directing credits on fifty-three feature films that still exist. That's a lot of ground to cover, and it's far… Continue reading Hitchcock, The Early Years – A Retrospective

Alfred Hitchcock, Top Ten

Alfred Hitchcock: The Definitive Ranking

A top 53. Not even close to a Top 10. Hitchcock's career as director spanned 51 years and saw the advent of sound, the profusion of color cinematography, the adoption of widescreen aspect ratios to combat television, and the beginnings of the fall of the studio system. He started as a contract director with British… Continue reading Alfred Hitchcock: The Definitive Ranking