1940s, 2.5/4, Best Picture Winner, Drama, John Ford, Review

How Green Was My Valley

#47 in my ranking of John Ford's filmography. I saw this movie once about fifteen years ago and was underwhelmed. Much like revisiting Doctor Zhivago much later in life, I went in prepared to see the heartwarming crowd pleaser that everyone else seems to see in John Ford's sole Best Picture winning film, and once… Continue reading How Green Was My Valley

1970s, 3/4, Action, Best Picture Winner, Review, William Friedkin

The French Connection

A quick break from the Fellini circus. This is a stripped down bare version of the crime thriller. Characters exist purely as archetypes with little to no life outside of the job at hand. The movie is purely about the crime and ensuing investigation. The movie is told in a handheld, cinema verité style that… Continue reading The French Connection