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Carl Theodor Dreyer – A Retrospective

DreyerWho was Carl Theodor Dreyer, and should you care? He was born to a Swedish mother, a maid, and Danish father, her employer, and raised by his foster father, Carl Theodor Dreyer (no senior, apparently the Danish don't do Junior and Senior). His adult life before he entered the Danish film industry was primarily dominated by… Continue reading Carl Theodor Dreyer – A Retrospective

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Carl Theodor Dreyer: The Definitive Ranking

Carl Theodor Dreyer made two of the greatest films ever made. He made one of the most important early horror films. He made dramas, historical epics, chamber dramas, prestige dramas, comedies, and even a fairy tale. He was a versatile, talented, and literate filmmaker who made nine of his fourteen films in the first decade… Continue reading Carl Theodor Dreyer: The Definitive Ranking

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Två människor (Two People)

#13 in my ranking of Carl Theodor Dreyer's filmography. Made immediately after Dreyer's magnificent Day of Wrath, Två människor is the one movie that Dreyer completely disowned. This happens from time to time. Kubrick famously disowned Spartacus and Lynch disowned Dune. There were questions of authorship around both, and the same goes for Dreyer's work here.… Continue reading Två människor (Two People)