2/4, 2010s, Chris McKay, Comedy, Fantasy, Review

The LEGO Batman Movie

#12 in my ranking of theatrically released Batman films. It's interesting that it feels like modern movies can't just adhere to silliness. There has to be some level of emotional catharsis, and just as I felt like it clashed in Batman & Robin I feel like it clashes here in The LEGO Batman Movie. The… Continue reading The LEGO Batman Movie

0.5/4, 2020s, Action, Chris McKay, Review, Science Fiction

The Tomorrow War

This was excessively stupid. It honestly feels like it was written by AI, not a human. It has all the pieces you expect from a large-budgeted scifi action vehicle starring an established action star, but nothing makes any sense, the emotional catharsis is completely manufactured and feels incredibly fake while being entirely unearned, and it… Continue reading The Tomorrow War