1910s, 3/4, Comedy, Ernst Lubitsch, Review

The Oyster Princess

Much more in line with the urbane farce that was The Doll than the attempts at vaudeville that were the Sally Pinkus/Meyer films, The Oyster Princess is another delightful little entry in Ernst Lubitsch's early career that might not quite make the most sense but keeps its focus on the light comedic antics that drive… Continue reading The Oyster Princess

1910s, 2/4, Comedy, Ernst Lubitsch, Review

Meyer from Berlin

I don't think Ernst Lubitsch's comic sensibilities lent themselves that well towards vaudeville and slapstick. His was a more urbane and witty comedy that wasn't the best fit with things like physical comedy. His recurring character of Sally Meyer (formerly Pinkus from Shoe Palace Pinkus) was a successful attempt at making a German version of… Continue reading Meyer from Berlin

1/4, 1910s, Ernst Lubitsch, Review, Thriller

The Eyes of the Mummy

If there's one kind of film Ernst Lubitsch is known for it's...globe-trotting adventure stories? Okay, it's early in his career, well before he'd developed the Lubitsch touch much less made it his signature, but this is just so strikingly different from everything I know about him that it's quite a curiosity on its own. Unfortunately,… Continue reading The Eyes of the Mummy