1920s, 3.5/4, Adventure, Fantasy, Fritz Lang, Review

Die Nibelungen: Siegfried

#12 in my ranking of Fritz Lang's filmography. Fritz Lang dealt with Germany’s present in Dr. Mabuse, and now he turns his eyes to its past, its myth, and its legends. It’s also a rollicking good time of grand adventure, magic, and bravery. It’s a triumph of physical production combined with a wonderfully engaging mythic… Continue reading Die Nibelungen: Siegfried

0.5/4, 1980s, Fantasy, Review, Sidney J. Furie

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

#12 in my ranking of the theatrically released Superman films. The Salkinds sold their ownership of the film rights to the Superman character to Cannon after the dual financial failures of Superman III and Supergirl, and Cannon pushed out a rushed, incomplete, overlong mess of a vanity project for Christopher Reeve to keep him in… Continue reading Superman IV: The Quest for Peace