1990s, 2/4, Action, Irvin Kershner, Review

RoboCop 2

#2 in my ranking of the RoboCop franchise. This movie is a mess. It’s often entertaining in small stretches, but it’s definitely a mess. That has a whole lot to do with the torrid history of the screenplay, going through so many drafts across so many writers, eventually settling on a rewrite of a script… Continue reading RoboCop 2

1980s, 4/4, Fantasy, Irvin Kershner, Review

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

#1 in my Ranking of the Star Wars franchise. A proposed alternate subtitle: The Humiliation of Luke Skywalker. There are two main ways to follow up a genre film. The first was perfectly encapsulated by Aliens in the “bigger is better” school. You expand the stakes, scale, and number of character to create a bigger,… Continue reading Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back