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Masaki Kobayashi: A Retrospective

The SamuraiSamurai movies as they became known were heavily influenced by Westerns from the 30s and 40s. Given a huge boost in popularity both in Japan and across the world by Akira Kurosawa's earlier jidaigeki films like Rashomon and Seven Samurai, they drew upon the conventions of the Westerns of John Ford, John Wayne, and… Continue reading Masaki Kobayashi: A Retrospective

1970s, 3/4, Drama, Masaki Kobayashi, Review

The Fossil

#13 in my ranking of Masaki Kobayashi’s films. Originally made for Japanese television, The Fossil feels like Kobayashi leaving behind his anger at systems and confronting mortality, as does his main character. In a surprisingly close telling of a very similar tale to Kurosawa's Ikiru, Kobayashi confronts a life of workaholism that suddenly and definitively will… Continue reading The Fossil

Masaki Kobayashi, Top Ten

Masaki Kobayashi: The Definitive Ranking

I decided to discover the complete works of Masaki Kobayashi for two reasons: I loved Samurai Rebellion, and I had purchased The Human Condition a couple of years ago (after having seen it years back) and was simply not getting around to the nine-and-a-half hour long feature film, especially when I’m filling most evenings with… Continue reading Masaki Kobayashi: The Definitive Ranking