Akira Kurosawa, Repost

Akira Kurosawa – A Retrospective

There are few names in cinema more intimately associated with the medium than that of Akira Kurosawa. A painter by trade, he rose through the Japanese film industry to the rank of director in the middle of the Second World War where he had to balance between commercial, artistic, and imperial interests. He learned his trade… Continue reading Akira Kurosawa – A Retrospective

John McTiernan, Repost

John McTiernan – A Retrospective

I've previously written retrospectives on three directors: Ingmar Bergman, Terry Gilliam, and Quentin Tarantino. So, looking out over the sea of film directors, I came across John McTiernan's name. He's a director I've known for his most popular work (Predator and Die Hard) but never really thought about holistically. So, sitting down to watch all eleven of his films… Continue reading John McTiernan – A Retrospective