1920s, 3.5/4, Fritz Lang, Review, Science Fiction

Woman in the Moon

#9 in my ranking of Fritz Lang's filmography. I have a huge soft spot for movies that at least seem to attempt to take space travel seriously. Woman in the Moon is just that kind of film, except it was made in the 20s, more than thirty years before the Mercury missions or Yuri Gagarin.… Continue reading Woman in the Moon

1.5/4, 2020s, Action, Review, Science Fiction, The Wachowski Brothers

The Matrix Resurrections

#4 in my ranking of The Matrix franchise. That was disappointing but not entirely unexpected. I like the original Matrix trilogy pretty evenly, finding its pretensions thin but the overall entertainment value of the hero's journey inverted fairly consistent. There was always  room for the story to continue in some way, but when Lana Wachowski… Continue reading The Matrix Resurrections