2.5/4, 2000s, Clint Eastwood, Comedy, Review, Science Fiction

Space Cowboys

#26 in my ranking of Clint Eastwood's films. The first film Clint Eastwood made that wasn't based on a book in several years, Space Cowboys is a fun, geriatric adventure for most of its running time. Without taking itself too seriously through its first two acts, it is consistently entertaining until it suddenly shifts tones… Continue reading Space Cowboys

2020s, 3/4, Action, Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, Review, Science Fiction

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Well, that was a lot. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering the title. That being said, it seems odd to critique a film for having too much going on when that's kind of the point, but I'm gonna do it anyway. There's a lot of fun, entertaining, and even emotionally resonant stuff going on,… Continue reading Everything Everywhere All At Once