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Bad First Films

Kubrick, Hitchcock, and Bergman What do Alfred Hitchcock, Ingmar Bergman, and Stanley Kubrick all have in common? They're all considered some of the greatest filmmakers to have ever lived. In addition, though, they have another curious connection in that all three have first films that are terrible. The Pleasure Garden, Crisis, and Fear and Desire… Continue reading Bad First Films

Stanley Kubrick, Top Ten

Stanley Kubrick: The Definitive Ranking

13 movies. Not 10. I'm five for five! Anyway, here's my latest offering to the listicle gods. Stanley Kubrick's complete filmography. Kubrick's canon, those movies that he laid authorship on, was actually only 10 movies. They excluded Fear and Desire, Killer's Kiss, and Spartacus. But you know that 10 movies is just simply unacceptable. Kubrick's… Continue reading Stanley Kubrick: The Definitive Ranking