Masaki Kobayashi, Top Ten

Masaki Kobayashi: The Definitive Ranking

I decided to discover the complete works of Masaki Kobayashi for two reasons: I loved Samurai Rebellion, and I had purchased The Human Condition a couple of years ago (after having seen it years back) and was simply not getting around to the nine-and-a-half hour long feature film, especially when I’m filling most evenings with… Continue reading Masaki Kobayashi: The Definitive Ranking

Top Ten

The Superman Franchise (Theatrically Released Feature Films): The Definitive Ranking

Superman was the first real cinematic superhero. That opening from the first Richard Donner film was meant to open up the world to a new world of films based on comic books, a new kind of mythic story for the modern child in all of us. But...the Salkinds owned the rights through the seventies and… Continue reading The Superman Franchise (Theatrically Released Feature Films): The Definitive Ranking

Akira Kurosawa, Top Ten

Akira Kurosawa: The Definitive Ranking

Akira Kurosawa was one of the titans of cinema. Across his 30 feature films, he created some of the great populist entertainments, adapted foreign literature expertly into the Japanese idiom, and captured some of the best performances on film. Without him, the world of cinema would be quite different. He effectively created the modern action… Continue reading Akira Kurosawa: The Definitive Ranking