1.5/4, 2020s, Action, Review, Zack Snyder

Army of the Dead

You know the thing about ensemble pieces? They're hard to do right. This is a great example of an ensemble piece having a dozen different elements swirling around each other, the majority of which never come to anything at all, and the movie as a whole suffers greatly for it. What could any of this… Continue reading Army of the Dead

2020s, 3/4, Action, Fantasy, Review, Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

#2 in my ranking of the DCEU franchise. #8 in my ranking of theatrically released Batman films. #6 in my ranking of the theatrically released Superman films. Well, that's an improvement. The original release of Justice League in 2017 was a conflict of visions, mostly made by Zack Snyder but completed with heavy reshoots by… Continue reading Zack Snyder’s Justice League